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Real-time learning is sure to enhance the effectiveness of online learning. Especially, when it comes to testing training using real-time data makes the training sessions greatly effective and beneficial for the learner. By leveraging on live feeds, the online trainer can deliver up-to-date information on testing modules, added can also offer live demos of a technique or operation..

QA Training Hub understands that, real-time data helps learners to interpret it and draw their conclusions. The final goal is to create an interactive online learning experience that involves the learners, and helps them to learn testing modules by observation and participation.

Live Projects are an integral part of the academic activity. Live Projects help students to implement the concepts learnt in the classroom, and makes them ready for actual work with the industry. After the completion of the Live Projects, students are ready to meet the expectations of the corporate recruitment process that happens in-campus or at corporate premises.

QA Training Hub (QTH) offers comprehensive and cost-effective Live Projects support and guidance. We specialize in all software testing modules: Manual Testing, Test Automation, Database Testing, Protocol Testing, Cloud Testing, Mobile Testing, SAP Testing, Security/ Penetration Testing, Scripting, SDLC/UML, Business Analysis, Microsoft, Java and Web Technology Testing.

IT students pursuing their under-graduation and graduation programs can avail our testing expertise and guidance for successful completion of their Live Projects. Through Live Projects, we aim to bring our students more close to the industry, and help in understanding industry's expectations of it testing personnel.

QA Training Hub's support on Live Projects is based on innovation. Each student is not only made to complete the project with success, but also introduced to new and innovative testing methods across different types of software/ applications.